About the Author

Nigel Barrow's days of wet cold sailing are over and he is now actively involved on dry land in the International One Metre radio sailing community, building and racing his own competitive boat

Starting at age 12, he progressed rapidly to be International Cadet World and National champion in 1973, Youth National champion 1974 and then an Olympic campaign in 470's training over the winter with the great Jim Saltonstall to reach second place in the 1976 Olympic trials. After another 4 years of campaigning for the boycotted Russian Olympics, Nigel moved onto campaign various dinghies and then moved into yachting, getting involved in a number of successful campaigns.

This experience has proved invaluable in developing this website which he hopes will be a great reference for all who build, sail and race IOM's.

His IOM journey reminded him of a walk one night at the west end of Lake Geneva where it transforms into one of Europes powerful rivers.  Starting at the lake side you are aware of a vast body of still dark water, as you walk west you become aware that the water is very slowly moving in a west direction and gradually gets faster and faster and narrower, as the lake transforms into a powerful river.  The IOM data on the web is the lake, the water starting to move is the beginning of an understanding as to how things work which grows and consolidates finally as the lake narrows into a river, this is the point where one has full understanding of how an IOM works and goes quickly round a race course. Enjoy the journey. 

As for the authors performance, he is currently currently doing well in opens, has had some success in ranking events and struggled to start at the Nationals in 2021.  He  still has lots to learn sailing the IOM in a decent breeze.  Now if only one could plug into the decades of sailing by our top sailors, life would be so easy.

He wishes you all the very best of luck in whatever your IOM quest/goals happen to be.

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