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Boat builders

Database                                     of IOM and other model yacht designs

3d Printed yachts                        How to design and 3D print rigid lightweight yachts to go racing 

ZWERKZ CONCEPT                   Printable radio control racing yacht and accessories


Robot Yachts                               IOM's Britpop/Robot and Electronica RG65

PandP Yachts                              Master craftsman boat building, rig supply and repairs. IOM Vision

PJ Sails                                        Toscar



Search here at                             American Model Yacht Association


Vinaixa Yachts                             Britpop, Sedici and Venti


Sailboat RC                                 Kantun 2 and S


Frank Russell Design                  Ellipsis available from ARS Composite Freelancer in Thailand 

Mirage Radio Yachts                  Panda, Cheinz2

Peter Burford                              Plan B 

New Zealand

Power builders                            Night hawk plywood kit set

Vickers RC Sailing                       V11

NZ Radio Yachting Association  Good source of NZ suppliers


MX Components                         Goth-EVO3, MX14, Kantun, MX16, Malteser, REMIX 18, MX20 Evo

ARS Composite Freelancer        Ellipsis

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