Some notes on measuring your settings

I put this section in, because as a newcomer I was confused over how to measure some of the settings.  e.g. was the jib foot measurement from the foot of the jib to the side of the boom or the centre of it.  So just for clarity I show the measurements for a Britpop.  All measurement are from the BG web site.  Different designs will have there own measurements to achieve perfect sailing balance.

To get the mast rake accurate I use a a measuring stick.  There are two measurements, one from the deck to a measured point on the mast.  A second from the bow (at the back of the bumper to the aforementioned measured point.  The marks on the rig stick are the same for the Alternative plan.  See picture below

























































Measuring main/jib foot depth, jib boom angle and leach twist, mast ram, main boom angle

Jib foot and the mainsail foot are measured from deepest part of sail to the side of the boom

Twist is measure in the same way but to the deepest point on the topping lift

Jib boom angle is measured from the centre of the mast to the inside of the boom.  Golden rule is the A rig should be just inside the shroud, B rig centred on the shroud and C rig pointing outside the shroud.





















Mast ram is measured from the 1st sheet loop.























Measure the main boom angle form the centre of the post to the side of the boom





















Once you have got the base measurement set up you are ready to go fast.

Lastly and there is probably some debate on this in some circles measure your rig tension.  I bought a rig tension device recently and was amazed to see the impact of one turn of a bottle screw on the rig tension.  Of course once you have it right, put locking nuts on the thread into the bottle screws and you will achieve the same tension when you rig the boat.  It is only worth checking again from time to time in case the wires stretch or the boat slow for some reason.  

They are available from






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