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The finish

“A ferocious concentration and fanatical execution is what you need to finish strong.” — Gary Ryan Blair

What you need to know

Stay out of trouble

Mark room applies at the finish 

Prepare for the next race

The detail


It may sound obvious but remember on which lap you finish and be clear where it is.  In a championship race, the finish may be short of the windward mark so you don't want to head for the windward mark only to see other boats finish and you have to return.

The golden rule at the finish is to stay out of trouble.

If there is a crowd, cross line on starboard to avoid any possible last minute infringement. Remember that the zone applies to the finishing marks so you have no rights if you tack in front of another right of way boat within the zone.  Also be aware that others concentration may be lapsing as they think the race is nearly over so be extra aware of the boats around you and any unpredictable manoeuvres that might affect your boat

You only have to put your bow over the line under the new rules but best to fully cross the finish line, sail clear and if you are going to stop the boat make sure it is well away form the racing.  You may have finished but other boats are still racing.

If there is another race, start your preparation immediately and if needed bring your boat in for a tweak to settings or rig change.

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