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On the day (Click on blue text)

Setting yourself up is as important as setting the boat up

Use a repeatable process to setting up the boat 

Use the time wisely sailing before the start

The Start is 80% of the race, make it a good one

Follow your plan for 1st windward leg and prepare to duck boats to get to your desired side of the course

Plan the Windward mark rounding early, arrive on starboard and avoid bunches of boats

Set up to get to the desired side of the run

Leeward mark - Be inside boat, approach wide and finish close to the mark

Last beat - Loose cover to maintain position

Finish marks have the same rules applied as the windward mark.  Avoid tacking in the zone

Run through your checklist after sailing, clean and dry boat, loosen sails etc. 

Golden Rules  Stay out of trouble

Putting it all together - Video of a world championship race with tactical voiceover

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