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Calm racing at Emsworth

It must have been a funny site when seven hardy souls put their boats on the water on the Emsworth Slipper Pond. Seven grown men staring intently at 7 stationary boats willing them to move. Thankfully a little bit of wind filled in to give us 8 races on short courses.

The Alioth performed well (7 bullets out of 8) showing good acceleration as any wind hit it and could sail in high mode or speed mode with the sheets cracked of a tiny bit. Downwind the design was slippery.

The internal sheeting worked well, easing freely when bearing off to run downwind in the slightest of breeze. I was concerned this might be slightly sticky but only stuck when there was zero wind.

The boat was set up to Juan's design guide for mast rake and I use my Britpop settings for the sheeting angles and twist. You have to get used to the main boom sticking up in the air slightly but the boat was well balanced and tracked well.

Sunday will be another good test as long as I am on the ball with wind shifts at Hampton Court with a NE wind blowing down the lake. It will be a cold day standing on the exposed shoreline.

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