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Club racing at its best

I am privileged to be a member of 4 thriving radio sailing clubs and there is a common thread between them all. You guessed it, the DF95 and DF 65.

Whatever you think about the DF designs, you cannot fault the quality of product in terms of supply, design, ease of assembly and of course price. Its not the prettiest boat or easiest to sail but I have seen people turn up at a club to watch the racing and hear about how easy it is to get a DF boat, within weeks they are on the water. As they build experience and see the bigger boats sailing it is not long before they get the bug and buy a bigger boat.

Frensham Pond RSC has a thriving DF65 community. Gosport sail both the DF65 and DF95 (as well as IOM, Laser, A Class and Trimarans). Last Monday they had 17 DF65's racing. Emsworth have a similar thriving community of DF's (as well as IOM) and regularly see upwards of 15 boats racing twice a week. Last in the pack is Datchet radio sailing who have just launched a DF95 series on alternate Saturdays. With little promotion we had 10+ boats on the water for great racing over 3 hours. Breakfast can be obtained beforehand making for a great social as well as racing day.

Whilst I am a keen IOM sailor, the joy of the DF racing is that it sharpens your skills. The DF95 can be balanced like an IOM but requires a lot more attention steering upwind. I understand the Df 65 requires 100% attention as it is so light if you luff slightly upwind, the boat stops. I have not experienced that yet as I am waiting for my sails but will be on the water in 10 days or so.

If you have not tried one, give it a go. Your racing skills will improve.

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