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IOM Europeans Torrevieja 2023 - What next?

Apart from individual training for me focussed on stationary positioning and holding a lane whilst squeezing the boat away from those to leeward, the Brits need a base around which to build some core skills and provide a centre for good racing and 2,3,4+ boat tuning.

Luckily we have an opportunity to build a base in Datchet. It provides open water sailing, waves and has the facilities and there are some great skippers involved in the club.

A long time ago on an olympic campaign, I worked with Jim Saltenstall sailing a pair of 470's on the solent. We committed to sail with each other every weekend from October to March. The difference in performance at the end of that period was massive. We can do the same with the IOM because we have all the tools and skills, we just need effective time on the water, share ideas and motivate each other to reach for the stars.

There is a ranking event in April and the Nationals in May so we will see then if our skills improve over the winter.

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Have a great winters sailing

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