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Thought for the day - A beautiful morning at Emsworth

When I arrived at the slipper pond, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, all that was needed was the forecasted southerly wind. I walked around the Emsworth clubhouse to go and admire the sparkling blue water only to find dull brown mud and sea weed, Yes the spring tide was out.

Fortunately the wind filled in and built in strength to 6 - 8 knots and with a good start line and short first beat the racing was really competitive and close. Unfortunately I did my usual trick of misjudging crosses so the results could have been better but it did give me practice of driving through the fleet. In race 5, I had a rush of blood to the head approaching the windward mark on port, I tacked to leeward of a starboard boat and had nowhere to go. I followed that up with two other collisions, one which was not my fault but our rules expert and race officer judged me to be in the wrong and then hit another boat whilst arguing the case on the last incident..In the last race there was a collision on the start line with a boat to windward and unfortunately we connected and could not break free of each other until the fleet had gone. Golden rule - stay out of trouble.

One last thing. In a previous blog I mentioned that I had a tendency to go where the wind showed on the water. Today was different. I sensed there was wind on the left hand side of the course which looked calm but wasn't. Maybe this is another change for the good.

My thanks to all at Emsworth for making this such a fun morning

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