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Thought for the day - A busy weekend

A weekend of boatbuilding and avoiding the rugby. As you saw over the last two posts, the build is coming together nicely. After painting on 250gms of High build epoxy primer, I sanded 200gms off on Saturday. The result is a very light smooth hull which you can see through.

On Sunday I cut all the access holes, added two further layers of S glass around the fin box area in the hull, bonded the deck with an extra layer of S glass at the jib take off point and fitted the transom

I put reinforcing plates in the deck at the stern and put 1 layer of S glass about 1 inch wide down the centre of the foredeck.

All up weight of the hull with all glass infrastructure but ex fitting will be around 400gms, considerably lighter than my first hull especially in the ends but heavier than the professional hulls. Having said that the hull is very strong, light in the ends and should be competitive.

Todays job is to fit the fin, bulkhead, deck moulding and radio pot and a post for the jib tack take off point. On course to finished hull by end of week.

What have you done to my boat

The finished Hull

2 layers of S Glass for bow, transom, bulkhead etc

Laminate for foredeck and the fin area in the hull reinforcement

I painted 250gm of high build epoxy on the hull and sanded 200gm off. Hmmmmmm

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