Thought for the day - Day off, Mothering Sunday

A day off from boats. Good food, a long walk and celebrate a great English rugby win, oh and celebrate Mothers Day of course.

Long gone are the days when as kids, we used to go out to the garden and cut daffodils for our Mum. We could never work out why that upset her. We did get better with age.

The only boat job today was gluing and shaping the bow bumper as well as designing a jib and topping lift take off point from the mast, so I get the geometry exact which will allow the jib to swing freely in calm weather and not kick round from one side to the other. More on that next week.

Only 15 days to go. Spars, new batteries and lead shot for correctors (to be moulded into shape with epoxy) will arrive next week. Fingers crossed finished by Friday and ready for measuring and initial testing.

One last thing. Check that your batteries charge OK, well before you go sailing. I put mine on the charger last week and it starting inflating. Time to throw it out of the house as they are liable to explode, or so I am told. 2 more on order.

Happy Mothers day

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