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Thought for the day - Doldrums 15 August

It's been an interesting August so far. Heatwaves, weed, wrong wind direction for decent racing and all the greens closed on the golf course. However, on the bright side I have been able to catch up in the garden completing the irrigation system which was essential during the drought and trying to work out how a Gizmo works on a Marblehead A rig. As it happens I probably don't need to worry about it for now.

I have managed to sail the Marblehead for a few days at Frensham which was good practice for sailing backwards as I regularly clear the weed off the fins. The rigs look really nice and I am looking forward to get into some competition. Unfortunately the next ranking event is up in Yorkshire an I am not sure I want to do the 4.5 hour drive.

I see the Worlds IOM competitor list is published and I wish our 10 competitors the very best of luck. Not surprisingly the list of Croatian competitors all sail Kantuns. I wonder why that is?

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