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Thought for the day - Preparation for Chipstead

With the first Marblehead GAMES at Chipstead in strong winds coming up tomorrow I wanted the boat to be as sound as possible. There were several jobs to do

Go over all cord and check it will survive a day with gusts of 30 knots.

Put a thin coat of corrosion X on the electrics inside the boat

Set the max sheeting limits by programming the winch. See RMG program guide on their web site.

Tune up the Spectrum RC transmitter. Set end points (dead run and upwind) and 2 throttle/sheet curves. One for the A swing rig and one curve for the the rest.

Test sailed the boat today at Frensham in gusts estimated up to 25 knots with the C and C1 rig. Practice tacking and gybing etc. Super fun.

Adjust forestay and backstay (mast rake) to balance boat

Mark up backstay and forestay.

Guestimate sheet angles.

Recharge batteries and dry boat and sails off.

Pack van

I will report back on how it went.

Overall I am very happy with the boat although it is still at least 80gm heavier than it should be. There is more potential to lose weight. On the B rig down I should be relatively equal in speed compared to the others although I have yet to determine a fast set up. Fingers crossed there should be no gear failures. Touch wood.

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