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Thought for the Day - Preparation for Poole

Took the boat to Frensham for a bit of practice on smooth sailing on Friday. Its amazing how much effort is required to do a perfect precise rounding of a mark without stopping the boat. I also experimented with bearing away and noticed I am too violent and kill speed by trying to get onto the new course too quickly.

Whilst sailing I noticed that the rudder servo was working overtime when the boat was sailing in a straight line and on looking closer found the trailing edge of the rudder was dragging on the hull. A bit of sanding off the top of the aft of the rudder and a tiny but of filler on the front ensured the rudder now fits flush with the hull without any dragging or any gaps. It's a job I should have done a long time ago. In addition I completed the filling of the two notches in the back of the fin.

I trust this will be the last job before the nationals but you never know.

Good forecast for Poole tomorrow. 8-15 knots from the South. Might be a steady breeze although somewhat chilly. Racing rig at the ready in final test before Nationals.

One final note. Wix are working on the new joiner problem with Hello-World-XXXX

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