Thought for the day - putting it all together

I hope this web site will help you with your boat building and racing. If like me, you'll research the subject IOM in depth, you will be astonished at how much there is to learn, building and racing an IOM competitively. My goal in consolidating information around all things IOM, is to help new and existing owners by providing a reference to all the information scattered on the internet and combine the knowledge into an easily navigable website.

The secret to learning all this lies in the answer to the question "How do you eat an elephant?" Answer is "One bite at a time".

Pick out bite size pieces that will fill gaps in your knowledge base or sign up to become a member and receive "Thought for the the day" where I focus on one aspect of racing each day.

When you master all the skills with a competitive boat you cannot help but do well.

Finally if you want to live the dream, watch Peter Stollery win a race at the 2019 Worlds in Brazil. His race craft is brilliant.

IOM Worlds Brazil

The other gem of a video is Peter Stollery match racing with Brad Gibson at the 2011 Worlds at West Kirby

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