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Thought for the day - racing in Gosport

Another gem of a day with a medium A rig breeze almost blowing down the lake.

The darnedest thing happened in the first two races. Bear in mind I have used this rig since the nationals last year, in race one, the kicker started to ease. `No problem with that so I just tightened it up. In the second race it eased again until the leach was completely loose. I brought the boat ashore and with the kicker against the stop, the leach was still loose. Was I confused, you bet. Nothing had bent, nothing had moved, it was as if the kicker had grown by over half an inch. So out with with the pliers, I took half an inch of the length and hey presto I was back in business, but even after I got home I could not work out what had happened.

As to the racing, it was close and exciting with the shifts keeping everyone on their toes. The joy and benefit of racing at Gosport is the boat to boat contact which is wonderful practice for the nationals.

My thanks to Paul Edwards again for a great course and great racing.

Going down the mine at Chipstead. Periscope up.

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