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Thought for the day - RYA - "Tactics" by Mark Rushall

Just done a first scan on the book and love Mark's approach. It has reminded me of many things I used to know but have since forgotten.

Some of the highlights

Sorting out the priorities before the start. E.g. wind strengths, tide, line bias to name a few

Breaking down the first beat into sectors

Positioning the boat in relation to the fleet, nearest rivals and wind shifts

The texts are supported by some great graphics and photographs and cover all the basics for all kinds of dinghy and keelboat racing. It is not written for the model yachter but the principles are exactly the same. We can ignore the section on using the compass.

I found the book extremely useful to consolidate my current tactical knowledge, and then add to that with valuable insights and new thinking since I sailed more than 30 years ago. It has given me the confidence that my current tactical knowledge is reasonably sound. Now all I have to do is stop hitting other boats on the race course.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become more tactically savvy on the race course.

PS I am glad I wrote my section on race tactics on the web site, well before I read this book as I could be accused of plagiarism.

RYA Tactics - Available through Amazon £14.58. and before you ask I am not on commission.

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