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Thought for the Day - the clock is ticking

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I am counting down the days to the IOM Nationals at Fleetwood this weekend. It will be he start of an interesting month or so of sailing in 3 different classes in 3 National Championships and then off on the long drive to southern Spain for the IOM Europeans.

For the IOM Nationals I could not have a better boat. Originally used by Brad Gibson when he won the Nationals at Castle Semple. The boat is set up to the Britpop numbers. All I have to do is sail it cleanly and fast. The wind forecast over the weekend had looked a bit dire with the wind trending north, however the forecast has changed with a great chance of the wind blowing straight down the lake for most of the event.

The second event is the DF 95 National championships at Poole. The boat is new and was second in its first outing at the Manor park TT however I have not used the smaller rigs yet.

The third nationals is for the Marblehead class at the Weecher Reservoir, Keighley. I managed to acquire a Grunge which I have sailed once so still working on refining the setup. There is detailed information on how to set the boat up properly so much of the uncertainty of setup is removed. The swing rig sails may be well used but they look good and the boat performs well. It will be interesting to see how I do. Don't expect any technical information on boat setup here as it is all confidential but I will talk about the sailing.

The last event is the IOM Europeans. My first international event so not sure what expectation to have but I will treat the races as just another boat race albeit at a higher level to normal.

What are my goals for the above. I would like a top five position in each event. If I don't get there it does not matter as long as I am enjoying the journey. I have learnt a lot from sporting and Physchology gurus on Simon Mundies Life lessons podcast and listening to the experts has changed my thinking entirely about how I prepare and approach events. Whilst great results are nice, enjoying the journey is far more important.

Wish me luck.

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