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Thought for the day - The ending of one journey and the beginning of another

If you have been watching the posts, you will see that I have got to the end of my journey sorting fittings and sails on the boat. Writing about this stuff is one thing but doing it is quite another. I am surprised at the level of detail required to get these boats into the right configuration and take my hat off to the manufacturers who do this day after day. OK they have the experience and practice but to produce the consistent quality is a joy to see.

For the home builder having a site like mine will help to avoid unnecessary purchases and arrive at the right configuration first time. One of the joys of home build is if you don't like something you can just rip it our and try again alternatively if something goes wrong, you know how to fix it.

This weekend I am repainting the boat with a 2 pack automotive paint which fingers crossed will be better that the previous paint which was not tough enough. This time I am going to prime first to cover up any pin holes and then a glorious metallic light blue.

In a future post I will set out a complete parts list and suppliers with current costs to see the exact cost of this boat.

Next week its more racing at Frensham, boat measurement and off to the veterans event in Lincoln. Can't wait.

Here is the current state of the boat. As someone said it looks like it has just returned through the atmosphere from a lunar orbit.

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