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Thought for the day - The van is packed

Travelling so far means one must leave nothing to chance. What could go wrong is bound to go wrong so many spares are at the ready and if all goes wrong there is always the raffle on Sunday evening. The good news when I am there, is that the van can be parked up and left, apart from moving to the Sunday night dinner venue.

There is a good write up on the top runners and riders HERE in Yachts and yachting and a look at the entry list shows the great and the good are all there. This is why I go sailing.

I travel up tomorrow and a view of the forecast is not that promising. Friday 6 mph from the north which is directly offshore over trees so similar to my home club. On Saturday it turns to the south at 6mph so we should get some good racing in. On Sunday it increases to 7 mph from the SSW and then 10mph from the west on Monday. Of course there could be local effects but it looks like A rigs all weekend similar to last year.

How do I feel. Confident in a good result. I could not be better prepared and I know the boat is fast. As always you can have all the speed in the world but if you cannot make the boat go in the right direction. I am a pond sailor and the conditions are looking very pond like. Balance that out with the tough nature of the competition and I should finish somewhere in the top 20 although this year although I am looking for a top 10 finish.

I will give an update on Saturday and that will give you an indication of how I will do. Last year I was overwhelmed with the starting and sailed a lot in B fleet. My goal this year is to stay in the A fleet all weekend and see how things progress from there. This is a marathon, not a sprint with the event taking place over approximately 24 races if the wind holds.

What do I believe - A podium position is there for the taking.

Talk Saturday

Raring to go

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