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Thought for the day - Vets at Woodspring

Woodspring is a delightful location on the Severn estuary. The first thing I learnt about the Severn estuary is that when the tide ebbs the water is brown and when it floods it is blue. It is disconcerting to see what should be sea being so brown half of the time. Where does all the silt come from. Anyway back to Woodspring. You can see from the picture above that when the wind blows from the North East you have a perfect setting for a course and luckily for us the wind came from that direction all weekend. Well when I say NE, the wind had a variation of over 90 degrees over the weekend giving Nick the PRO a huge headache trying to predict where the wind would come from next.

The are a couple of curved balls on the lake. One is the Island which can have a effect on the wind and the second thing is the coloured images just off the clubhouse. These are large pedalos with swan heads and dragon heads on the front. The visitors pedal these around the Island in the afternoon, sometimes drifting over the course. Thankfully they had little effect on the wind. We did suggest to the PRO that in the event of a tie, we should race these round the island to decide the winner. Amazingly the suggestion was declined, something to do with MYA scoring rules.

Another great feature of the place is the road behind the cricket ground where you can park motor homes and campervans for a very quiet nights sleep.

We had 18 races over the weekend and Tony Edwards proved to be dominant. It was fascinating watching him sail as he seemed to find most of the wind shifts when it mattered and has a habit of getting round the first mark in the lead and then sails away rapidly downwind. Something I am working on. There is a technique when going around a mark onto a very broad reach to sail slightly high initially to get that extra bit of speed before bearing away fully.

Tony had 8 firsts, 4 seconds and 3 thirds and a 5 and 6 which were discarded. Compare this to my counting 3 firsts 5 seconds,3 thirds, 2 fourths and 2 fifths. You can see I have a way to go but the good news is the gap is closing and I did beat Austin Guerrier. Tony and Austin are well ahead of me in the racing lists. The difference between us is that Tony has the ability to carve his way through the fleet and makes few mistakes. Work to do.

The boat setup was good and the rig tension meter that I bought in Chipstead ensures I have a consistent rig tension, not only for the racing rig but the club one as well.

The new boat maybe a tad faster than my old one however I am 100% confident in the rig now having seen Brad's settings were not dissimilar to mine and I was able to measure his rig tension which i can replicate any time in the future and of course with all the other settings on the BG website.

It may only be a small thing but I do like looking at a yellow boat especially in sunshine. Thank you Victoria.

So all in all, a great weekend with a very nice group dinner in the marina in Portishead. Thank you Bob for organising and thank you to all the volunteers who put on a super weekend in difficult conditions and to Nick the PRO who worked tirelessly to give us the best courses for the given wind.

Next stop Eastbourne.

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