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Thought for the day - Why the simplest things can catch you out.

I have always wondered why my sails looked flatter than anyone else with a BG rig. I use the right numbers on the BG web site and believe the boat to be optimally tuned. However I made a discovery when I re-red the Top Tips on the BG website.

The web site refers to the foot measurements being from the bottom side of the boom. I assumed naively that this was from the centreline of the boom. I emailed Brad to confirm what he meant and got the reply.

"By bottom side, I would mean when boat is laid flat on the ground. In essence the measurement is from the side wall of the 11mm diameter boom section."

So for all this time I have sailed with 5mm less foot depth on the main and jib. You live and learn. Maybe I will be a bit faster from now on.

On another note, my refurbished white Alternative is ready to go on the water and hopefully to a new owner. The end result of the smoothing and 2 pack spray from Riolett is impressive and I am so delighted with the result and no change in the uncorrected weight. It almost looks like a professional build. With a Housemartin rig and BG A sails it should give the Britpops a run for their money.

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