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Some books you might like to read


Sailing Theory and Practice by C.A. Marchaj   1964

Aero-Hydrodynamics of Sailing by C.A. Marchaj   1979

Sail Performance by C.A. Marchaj   1996

High Performance Sailing by Frank Bethwaite   2010 (2nd edition)



Expert Dinghy Racing by Paul Elvstrom   1963

Wind and Strategy by Stuart Walker   1973

Championship Dinghy Sailing by Christopher Caswell and David Ullman   1978

Looking at Sails by Bruce Banks / Dick Kenny   1979

Winning - The Psychology of Competition by Stuart Walker   1980

Advanced Racing Tactics by Stuart Walker 1981

Sail, Race and Win by Eric Twiname   1982

This is Boat Tuning for Speed by Fred Imhoff / Lex Pranger   1984

Sail to Win Series

 - Dinghy Helming by Lawrie Smith   1983

 - Wind Strategy by David Houghton   1984

 - Tuning your Dinghy by Lawrie Smith   1985

 - Boatspeed by Rodney Pattisson / Tim Davison   1986

RYA Race Training Manual by Jim Saltonstall   1983


My thanks to Brian Outram (Australia) for his reading list

Let me know your favourite books so I can add them to the list

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