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Racing results

2023 Events Schedule


Hampton Court Charity    1st

Lincoln                District    2nd to Darin Ballington

Chipstead           District    3rd to Peter Stollery and Craig Richards

Bourneville        District     Did not attend due to virus

Poole                   District   2nd to Craig Richards

Manor Park         District    2nd to Chris Harris

Birkenhead         Veterans 1st

Watermead        District    Cancelled due to lack of entries

Coalhouse Fort  Open      Postponned due to too much water

Huntingdon       Open       3rd to Colin Goodman and Darin Ballington

Poole                  Open       1st (tied on points with Tony Edwards but better discard)

Lincoln                Ranking   5th Saturday and 4th on Sunday

Chipstead          Open       1st

Keighley             Ranking    4th Saturday, 2nd Sunday  Chris Harris won both

Fleetwood          Nationals  6th

Frensham           Open        1st.  Clean sheet of results

Spain                   Europeans 23rd

Woodspring       Ranking    4th and 6th

Emsworth            Open       2nd 

Eastbourne         Open       2nd to Dorian Crease in Cheinz


Chipstead           GAMES 1  1st  Gust of 25 knots.

Three rivers         GAMES    8th Suffered from slipping main leech tension fitting

Frensham            Open        In bed with flu

Lincoln                Ranking    Recovering from flu

Guildford            GAMES    2nd to James Hadden in Up

Guildford            GAMES     1st

Datchet               Ranking    6th

Datchet               Ranking    11th plagued with winch problems

Keighley             Nationals  6th.  Getting to grips with new boat

Three rivers       GAMES      Cancelled

Datchet              Ranking           


Manor Park        TT              2nd to Craig Richards

Poole                 Nationals  Retired after leading on day 1


Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 12.52.06.png

2022 Results


Manor Park        2nd (winner Darin Ballington)

Chipstead          4th (Winner Peter Stollery) 

Hampton Court 3rd (winner Darin Ballington, 2nd Peter Stollery)

Poole                  3rd to Craig Richards and Tony Edwards

Nationals            24th

Chipstead          Joint 1st on points but lost on count back to Dave Green

Veterans             2nd to winner Tony Edwards

Eastbourne        2nd to winner Ken Binks

2 Islands             4th to winner Rob Wilson 

Poole Ranking   4th and 7th.  Tony Edwards won day one and Craig Richards day 2.

W Kirby Ranking 12th and 8th  Most of the Northern team were on the water.

Chelmsford         2nd to Colin Goodman

Emsworth            1st

Manor Pk Rank   7th and 13th.  Most the top UK sailors racing.  Winner - Peter Stollery

Eastbourne         2nd to Dave Allinson

Chipstead           1st.  Masterclass 

`Met and Southern District championships 1st


Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 18.20.54.png

2021 Results

Chipstead          15th  Alternative A day to forget

Veterans             15th  Alternative

Bourneville         1st    Britpop  (Midland regional champs)

Nationals            37th out of 76  - that what happen when you are last off the line in most of the starts.

Ranking 3           19th

Ranking 4           3rd

Frensham open 1st

Ranking 5           21st  3 hours sleep in the camper the night before

Ranking 6           23rd  Only finished 4 out of 9 races due to broken shroud

Eastbourne        2nd to Dave Allinson

Chipstead          1st  (Metropolitan and southern regional champs)

Current UK ranking 21.   Room for improvement.

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