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I have restructured the site to differentiate the sections on classes, designs and racing tips.  I hope this makes the site easier to navigate.




The site is now fully mobile friendly with all pictures aligned.  It will display nicely on a mobile phone

Spring 2022 and onwards
The focus will be entirely on racing.  I think I have pretty much covered everything on the boat and rig and time to look at how to make the boat faster on the water as being more adept at starting, tactics and race craft.

Coming up Winter 2021/22
Over the winter I will revamp and optimise the website.  I appreciate that as I went through the learning process of developing and sailing an IOM a lot of what I initially developed has changed and you can see this through the Thought for the day section

March Updates
The website is now complete with descriptions and detailed picture of my first and second build.  The next content will be around how the boat performs and comments on rig settings.  Look out for pictures and racing videos
New section on rigs and sails.
Additions to boat building images particularly around the fitting of the finbox, forward deck and bulkhead and detailed pictures of new boat build
All screens formatted for consistency and IPAD viewing

February Updates
"Directory of useful IOM sites" mind map now embedded under menu "Useful Websites"
"Racing an IOM" mind map now embedded under the menu "Racing an IOM" and should be easier to access and read
Build an IOM mind map embedded in the menu "Building an IOM"
Now if you click on a picture you can get an expanded view
Reference numbers added to images to link to text.
Typos removed
A few suppliers added and the format of "Useful Websites" updated to make more readable

Jan 2021 updates:
1  Addition of video showing how to navigate and download files on home page
2 Addition of tactical videos, eg start, windward mark etc on "Racing an IOM" mind map
3 Addition of radio control section and demonstration video on "Racing an IOM" mind map
4 Daily expansion of topics through the thought for the day tab
5 Addition of rules games on Racing an IOM mind map
6 Separated out a directory of all things IOM.  This contains links to all the associations connected with IOM Class, list of social media sites, list of suppliers (boat builders, rigs and sails, fittings, radio kit, and other suppliers (eg anemometer, cedar strips, glass etc)
7 Addition of links to 2009 MYA Handbook.  
8 New suppliers added to "Build an IOM" Mind Map

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