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This site contains links to all key tips and tricks documents and videos, access to all suppliers and associations, detailed section on how to prepare and get round the race course faster and a pictorial view of an epoxy/glass boat build.  

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Last year I built and sailed an IOM model yacht.  It was a tortuous journey researching all the information and as a past dinghy world champion, olympic campaigner, yacht skipper and tactician, I wanted to delve deep into the IOM resources to help me on my journey.  IOM information is scattered across the web so it made sense to me to catalogue what I learned, add in my own racing knowledge and experience to that already out there and show my "Alternative" build in glass epoxy.  By putting the knowledge into this web site and sharing it with newcomers and existing owners, I hope it will provide a valuable resource and short cut to build on their existing knowledge.  If I have missed any valuable web sites, please forward the link and I will add it on. 



There are 4 sections.

1  A catalogue of websites for boat manufacturers, sailmakers, fitting suppliers etc.  See the menu  "Useful web sites"

2  Details on everything I have learnt over my sailing career along with the best tips from the web to get round a race course in the fastest way.  See the menu  "Racing an IOM".   I am adding to this topic all the time.

3  A pictorial view of the build of my own boat.  See menu "Building an epoxy/glass IOM"

4  "Thought for the day" on the menu above is my blog on aspects of racing an IOM.  

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Beginners, racers and amateur boat builders


Irrespective of which class you are looking to enter, there is valuable information on suppliers, tactics and racing and choosing a boat and notes on building if you decide to go down that route.


By applying some of the tactics, trim notes and learning a bit more about the rules, you can improve the performance of you and your boat and get the results you want in your club racing.


All the information in Racing an IOM menu will be relevant, particularly the observations in the videos of the championship races to understand the nuances of starting and getting to the front of the fleet 1st windward leg.

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