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Protect your investment

Boat Box, Rig Box and stand

What you need to know

Boat box made of 1/8th plywood to my own design and painted with epoxy and polyurethane left over from the boat build.

Rig box is made from Correx reinforced with strip wood bonded with purpose made double sided tape

Boat stand made from 20x20mm strip wood.

The Details (Image 1,2 and 3)

Boat Box

The design is such you can lay the fin rudder and bulb in the bottom of the box on felt.  The movable frames are cut out using the frame shape on the design plan.  A layer of felt is added to protect the boat.  Channels are cut out of the bottom of the frames for the fin bulb and rudder.  The frames hold these securely in place.  Once the frames are in the boat is added.  The lid is designed to just touch the frames so nothing can move inside the box whichever way up it is held.

Boat box with frames locking fins in pla
Boat box showing all frames in place.png
Boat box with boat installed.png


Local Transport (image 4)

To transport the boat locally when fully rigged to the club, I wrap a couple of loops of insulation foam around the hull to stop the hull resting on the boot of the car.  In addition I edge the fin and rudder and bulb with the same foam. 

Boat support frame (Image 4)

A very simple construction made out of 20x20mm strip wood and hinged with a couple of bolts.  Remember to cut any excess bolt off as this can damage the fin.  The boat can be sat at an angle to for rig set up.

Insulation foal used to protect hull whe

Sail box (Image 5 and 6)

This took some perfecting but it is a really cheap way to make a sturdy, weather proof rig box.

I bought 3 sheets of 8ft x 4ft x 2mm Correx from HERE and the double sided tape to glue the strip wood down HERE

Correx It is so easy to cut and fold and is very strong  when reinforced with strip wood on the edges and fixed under each mast.  I used pen holder clips stuck down with the double sided tape to hold the masts in place.

Note that Correx is very hard to stick anything to it.  The double sided tape above and velcro stick extremely well.

Cost £30 in total and I have 2 more sheets of Correx if this one gets damaged.

Rig Box open.png
Rig Box standing.png
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