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The DF65 Project

This is the smallest boat I have ever sailed and one that took the longest to rig even thought the part and instructions are of the best quality.  Of course like the DF95 ,it is a one design but like the 95 there are so many nuances that can be applied.  I built the 65 in the same way I built the 95 so just look at the 95 page for the tips.  Many of the tuning tips on Ken Reads 95 tuning tips can be applied to the 65.

Enough has been sail about the boat in terms of build, tuning and racing, I will just highlight the key Youtube videos.

DF65 DF95 Dragon Force Tuning Tips - An Australia based site with many uploads from the Australian champion.

John Tushingham's DF 65 Talk at MYA AGM 2023  

The sound quality is not great but it is good to hear John's tips based on observation rather than science.

Dragon Sailing North America  An abundance of tips from across North America

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