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The Project

I have sailed an IOM for two years and think I am beginning to understand how the boats are fitted together and pimped for speed.  My challenge with racing the IOM is dealing with speed in a breeze so a sensible solution to developing my skill was to buy a faster boat and get used to the speed as well as understand how another boat design work and could be optimised.


In looking into the Marblehead designs, I note that the Grunge is the boat of choice but unfortunately there were none available when I looked.  The were a few Starkers designs available built  by Dave Creed which seemed to be a good platform to get me started and one in particular took my eye so I took the plunge and bought it.


Over the autumn and winter this year, my plan is to optimise the boat.  It has a standard A rig, B, C 1,2,3.

The A is a standard swing rig and the others conventional.  All will need re rigging as the cord is over four years old and whilst not used cannot be considered to be reliable.  The next section looks at the jobs list on the new boat.


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