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Quick update on 3d Boat named BLUE

Blue past measurement with flying colours. Bulb 3mm above datum and overall length 3mm short of 1 m. With the correctors added the boat sat exactly on its waterline marks in the tank.

When checking to see whether the bow sat on its mark it appeared the waterline touched the bow a centimetre or more in front of the mark, but when we pushed the boat to the bar across the tank at water level the bow hit the bar bang on its mark. We forgot about the meniscus of the water which can have a significant effect when measuring the waterline. Lesson learnt

After measuring I put the boat on the water to see its behaviour upwind with the mast in the correct position. Happy to say the boat is now balanced so if I want any weather helm I just have to rake the mast back by half a degree. Looking forward to Sunday and Eastbourne where the current forecast says the wind will blow straight down the lake.

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