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Thought for the day - Building the rigs and finishing the blue boat

Started completing the A and B rigs for the Blue boat. Needed some more parts so put a healthy order into Sailsetc. They might not be cheap but everything is there and delivered fast.

Once I have completed the 3 rigs for the blue boat which were going to be my racing rigs for the Britpop, I have to replace them so I have a complete set of spares. All my shrouds are now hooked onto the mast so if I have a shroud failure again I will be able to replace it quickly.

Here is how the Blue boat spec is shaping up. Should be ready in about 3 weeks.

Presented in immaculate condition, this boat was 15th in the Veterans Championships being my first event in the IOM fleet. It was sailed for half a season and then replaced with a Britpop. It was refurbished recently, with any leaks traced and filled so will sail dry.

Winner of many club races at Emsworth and Frensham Pond. Whilst it is not quite a Britpop, the design is well proven and one finished 6th in the last ranking event of the season.

Boat registration 4624, measured by Paul Brooks at Gosport

Boat sailed for less than half a season.


Colour Blue and painted in High build epoxy undercoat and Riolett 2 pack enamel automotive paint, smoothed with 2500 wet and dry and polished with T cut. The boat sails dry as all leaks removed by submerging boat in pond with pressurised interior. Any pin holes identified opened out and filled with Isopon prior to hull sand and respray.

All parts as new unless specified

Hull - Epoxy with 3 layers of 124 S glass build on male mould built as per BG Sails and Design video on You tube. Extra layer paced around shroud area.

Fin box, fin, bulb, rudder and radio pot holder - Dave Creed

New RMG winch with RMG switch and 1600ma battery

Futaba T6k Transmitter and receiver

Adjustable mainsheet post

Corrector weights 375 gms

Rigs - A B and C

Main spars PG silver, 11mm. A and B prebent

Jib booms are 10 mm arrow shaft with counterweights

All ropes dynama. Sheeting system and main 55kg. Jib sheet 35. Jib and backstay bowsies 75kg.

Aerofoil adjustable speaders.

Shrouds and jib hooked onto mast for easy replacement. Yes I have broken a shroud fixed internally and not been able to replace it in a ranking event. Should have followed BG's advice.

Brand new Housemartin sails, grey patches with number 24

A and B goosenecks are roller bearing


1 rig stick for checking rake of A, B and C rigs,

Boat and sail set up crib sheet

Boat stand

Rig box

Rudder fin and build protectors

Spare patches and lines

The boat will be race tested once complete and then sold if I find a willing buyer. It will be quick and competitive in any fleet and is set up exactly as per my Britpop.

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