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Thought for the Day - Finishing the bonding

Yesterday was gluing day. Fitted the forward deck, pre drilled bulkhead, radio pot holder and mainsheet post.

Only one small error. I forgot to seal and reinforce the top of the fin box

I have the fiddliest job to do that today plus final fit for the servo mount and rudder stock mount. Nest jobs are to pre drill all the fitting holes, apply filler where required and final sand ready to apply wrap.

When fitting the mainsheet post, I accurately measured a centreline at the deck and then did the same with a string 6 inches off the deck. Then using a set square I was able to get the mainsheet post upright and aligned with the fin case, back stay, jib sheet eyes and jib attachment points which are all marked up. Fingers crossed the sails will set the same on both tacks.

Hull weight so far is 420gms. Old hull weight at this point 620gms. Maybe 350gms is achievable with a slightly thinner layup. I was generous with the epoxy at the base of the fin but this is where the correctors with be anyway. Estimate approx 400gms of correctors will be required.

Pictures below.

The finished deck. Rock solid

Tie to stop force lifting

Mainsheet post fitted

Bulkhead fitted

View of upper deck from below

View of upper deck and fin. Oops I forgot to bond top of fin box.

Gluing in the forward deck

Pre fitting the deck

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