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Thought for the Day - How did the racing go

Weather - Force 0 to 3. Direction - random

A stunning day with sunshine dawn to dusk.

The 1 racing went really well. The good news was that the new sails looked very nice and the pin holes in the hull seem to be fixed with the extra paint I put on last night, however the bad news is that there is a leak at the front of the fin box where it attaches to the hull. I can get at the area reasonably easily and fix it and a little extra weight of filler in this area just means less correctors. I found the offending leak by putting the boat in the fish pond and video'd the area where water ingress was occurring. Sure enough, it was clear as day on the video.

There is also a tiny hole at the top of the bow which again is easily fixable. Fix the fin box and bow and my leak troubles should be over. Next step is to look at each area with a bright torch and isolated the area requiring patching.

As far as the boat setup was concerned, it was all good. There was a really nice balance when the wind blew a bit, with the mast rake set up according to the design plan. Because of the fluky wind, I sailed with lots of twist.

What would I change at the moment. Nothing apart from patching the leaks.

Actions for the next couple of days, patch the fin box and bow.

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