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Thought for the Day - Race day at Frensham Pond

Frensham Pond is a delightful setting, surrounded by glorious country side and a few trees. The winds are infuriating but as I think I mentioned in a previous post it teaches you to be so alert and look for where the next puff is coming from.

A long time ago when I was learning my craft, I crewed for Julian Hereward who was a multiple Lark National Champion. He always seemed to know where the next puff was coming from so I asked him what signs he look for. In the summer there were reed beds all around the pond. I was astonished to find out that he watched these constantly to discover where the wind was going to come from next as well as the patterns of the wind on the water. I have done the same ever since.

Today we had 8 Dragon Force 65's on one course and 8 IOM's and 8 Marbleheads and similar on another. The courses are relatively short but long enough to provide a challenge. The winds are infuriating. We were promised SW at 4-6 knots and got wind from every direction from 0-10 knots. It was very entertaining and a typical Frensham day.

Of the 8 IOM's, 4 are home builds and 4 are production built including 1 Britpop. All are capable of winning a race on their day. It was a good day for me with only a couple of races where I was completely out of it. If the wind goes against you there is no coming back.

Observations on the boat.

The boat collected half a cup of water in the morning and half in the afternoon. More pressure testing required. I polished the hull so the leakage should not be from the pin holes. Work to do.

One niggle with the sail systems was that the cable ties are not firm enough for the Cunningham on the main but it is on the jib. Maybe back to the bowsie.

Having played with the exponential setting on the rudder I am back to a zero EXP setting so I have full control of the boat. Whist the EXP works in straight lines, I struggle with it on the corners.

The boat is beautifully balanced on Brad's mast rake measurements.

Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

IOM's during a finish. Wonder who drives the blue boat. What should have been a beat turned into a run but that is Frensham for you.

DF 65's on a charge to the finish. I think these are such a beautifully designed boat.

Socially distanced concentration on the DF65 fleet. Note the large bank that we are privileged to sail off. Deposits from dredging the pond some years ago.

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