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Thought for the Day - The Global IOM population

I thought you might be interested to see the distribution of IOM ownership across the globe. Whilst my statistics don't tell the full story, they give a pretty good indication of where the IOM owners population resides. Remember that users only found the site through a couple of posts on the International One Metre Sailing pages on Facebook, by referral or direct searches.

The image below gives a pictorial view of the people who access the web site. The site opened on 16th Jan, but the only way one could see the information, was by downloading a couple of mind maps and this I think turned a lot of people off. Once the data was embedded in the website menu structure, interest in the site took off.

In hard numbers, there are 1302 of you who accessed the site. As of yesterday morning you looked at over 8000 pages with an average viewing time of over 5 minutes.

Time will tell how the user base develops. Whilst I did not intend to develop a user community, over 50 people have signed up as members on the website and so I will keep the thought for the day coming and will soon start a couple of discussions on topics that I believe will be of interest. I think the facebook page IOM Sailing, is probably the best location to put a question, show off your new build or get a message out into the community.

If you found this post interesting, please leave a comment.

Wherever, you are in the World, have a great day and congratulations to the Italians for showing us Brits the way round in the Prada Cup.

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