Thought for the day - The jib boom in detail

When I was researching the design of the jib boom, the best design I could find was on the Britpop picture on the BG Design website. The simplicity and cleanliness of the design is a delight to look at but what surprised me was the use of cable ties. These appear have been used for years (since 2011 from the pictures I could see) but it is the first time I noticed them.

Have a look at the picture taken from BG Designs web site which can be accessed here

I can see at least 3 cable ties. I assume that the front two are to control the luff tension on the jib replacing a bows and the 3rd is to hold the jib boom to the deck. Having experimented with small cable ties, they fit neatly round the boom and are secure when tight. You do need to sand the sharp inside edge otherwise it might wear the chord rapidly. Note the use of a simple chord, tied off on the cable tie, hooked around the next jib eye to secure the boom to the deck. The tack of the jib is crimped directly onto the ring at the front of the boom. I also notice the use of a wire for the topping lift tensioned with a simple elastic band looped around the boom in front of the eye holding the clew.

So clean, simple and economic. I have played with various systems unsuccessfully and wished I had studied this picture more closely.

I made the new boom yesterday and have reduced the weight by 8gms fully fitted.

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