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A Riddle

Sometimes I am loved, usually by the young. Other times I am dreaded, mostly by the old. I am hard to remember, also hard to forget. And yet, if you do, you’ll make someone upset. Even if you don’t want it to happen, embrace me. What am I?

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Marbleheads are just the best boats to sail. Fast, tricky to set up well but go like the clappers when you get it right. There is a report on the event on facebook MYA downwind along with a lot of go

Marblehead ranking weekend at Fleetwood

We are sailing at one of the best facilities in the country but unfortunately the wind did not get the email and is forecast to blow across the lake all weekend with gusts up to 40 on Saturday and Sun


Birthday’s, Mine is coming up and I’ll be only 79% of my goal 😉

Replying to

Thanks John. I have a decade to catch up with your goal. Lots of sailing and travelling to pack in.

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