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DF95 Nationals - Day 1

A light testy day at Poole. We are racing with 3 heats as there are over 50 boats. We nearly had 5 races sailed but the last "A" heat had to be abandoned due to lack of wind, so "A" heat is on parade at 9.30 tomorrow morning weather permitting. to close out race 5.

It was a good day for me bar one race. I got out of position on a port bias line and ended up running down the line on port and hit a starboard tacker. So wrong end of line going the wrong way and had to do a turn. I recovered to 9th which, fingers crossed be a discard.

After 4 races I find myself just ahead of Craig Richards but his discard is a 4th to my 9th.

A comment on the boats. These are super boats to race. One design and equal in speed but can be pimped with technique to sail fast. If you are new to the sport or want to add more racing to your calendar then get one and join the fun.

Results/Fleetboard are regularly posted on MYA Downwind group on facebook.

More light winds forecast for tomorrow morning but more in the afternoon.

Here are the results after the 4 completed races today. Apologies for the angle but the race board had been put away in the boat shed and it was all I could do to get this shot.

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