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IOM Europeans - I must have missed the memo

After driving two days across France and Spain I arrived at the IOM European's site on Wednesday morning to find this:

Apparently the organisers will not have access to the site until Friday evening. The site has some industry at the end of the pier and I guess they want to keep it secure. You can just see through the fence the scaffolding erected for the race control area but little else at the moment. Thankfully there are a few alternative venues to go and practice. I think I missed the email that said there would be no access to the site before the event. I guess organising an event here is a little like West Kirby where you have to bring everything in, so a big thank you up front for the organisers who have a significant task

Torrevieja is a delightful place, blessed with a warm climate although a little hot in the direct sunlight. I came down in the Camper and have an eleven night stay for under £180 including all the water and electric I can consume. Try getting that value in the UK.

The journey down was pleasant although very long. I remember the days when I used to drive a 470 down to Southern France. Add in most of Spain to that and you have a long journey indeed. At least my Telepeage devise on the front windscreen allowed me easy access through the tolls driving through at 30KM per hour avoiding the queues and there are loads of brilliant quiet stops on the way in France.

It was funny at 10 am on the second day when I was pulled over at a toll station to be breathalised by some very amusing police. I scored 0.0 which showed the 2 whiskies from the previous night had been fully processed.

The scenery in Spain is stunning especially just after entry near San Sebastian. You skirt the north side of the Pyrenees and I do not have a great head for heights but the drop off from the side of the road was jaw dropping. The middle of Spain has an elevation of over 1000m and has an interesting topography and surprisingly green considering the heat they had this summer.

After I fell off the dizzy heights of the country I arrived at my campsite at 7.30 to be greated by a great bunch of ex pats occupying the local bar. After a discussion with the security guard later in the evening via google translate, I found a spot to park the van and could finally settle in and have a much needed shower.

Practicing on Wednesday was in a 4 to 8 knot breeze, sadly without the chop. On the plus side I had shade and 8 marks to play with and launched off a beach with warm water. You could not ask for more. Today I will seek out a more exposed venue to find some waves.

I was surprised that there was no one else here although they probably knew the venue would be closed or they are not mad like me and turn up early. I did check all the documentation and could see no reference to restricted access.

Whatever the situation it is a great place to sail and I look forward to the weekend and the opening of the venue, measurement and practice and of course the racing on the course.

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