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IOM Ranking Weecher Reservoir

I cannot believe it is so hot up here. I am sitting in my van at 8 o clock and all the doors and windows are open and I am still hot. Climate change could occasionally be perceived as good.

John Tushingham and his team put on a great day with a swinging wind but given the circumstances great courses.

So how did I do. Seeding race was good until I tried to cross a starboard boat at the windward mark. From 4th to last by 30 yards. Oh dear but with all the psychological training I recovered to stay in the A fleet. Race two and I came into the windward mark in the top 5 on starboard and hit a port boat and stopped and reversed to the back of the fleet. Again I recovered but not enough to avoid B fleet. I won the B fleet race and in the next A fleet race was in the front of the fleet and past a mark (not a mark of the course) but could not judge how close I was to it. Yes you guessed it, I caught the keel around the mark. After that it got better and I managed some good results but made silly errors all day. Maybe it was a bad night in the van that caused the early mistakes but I am pleased to say at the prize giving I finished 4th which for me is a satisfying result and meets my goals for the day. Chris Harris won with 7 points and it shows what a great sailor he is.

Here are the top ten results;

Chris Harris 7

Darin Ballington 19

Martin Roberts 24

Nigel Barrow 24

Andrea Roberts 27

Tony Edwards 28

Rob Wilson 34

Craig Richards 39

Derek Priestley 41

Nick Chamberlain 48

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