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Laziness costs boat speed

I have become a bit careless with my boat set up recently, relying on looking at the boat and rig rather than taking repeated measurements to ensure all is correct. I was punished at the Marblehead ranking event because I had not measured the setup correctly and boat speed suffered. There is a crystal clear code to getting the boat setup right and I ignored it.

I notice racing at Gosport the other week that my IOM balance was poor. OK I had a new mast and jib boom and new shrouds that needed stretching over the morning but I could see the main and jib boom angles were not right.

This week racing at Gosport on Thursday, I decided to properly rig, measure and double check the setup of my IOM. On the water I only needed to tweak the kicker and the boat performed perfectly. 7 wins out of 8 in an 19 boat fleet with reasonable competition. Lesson learned. Attention to detail is everything.

One other thing, the ability to hold the boat stationary, close to the wind at the windward end of the line, helped enormously so I could control the fleet on the first tack off a slightly starboard bias start line.

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