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More DF95 tips. Great video presentation from professional sailor Brad Read. Adds nicely to Craig Richards sailing tips

I was sent this link by an unknown New Zealander who I think may go by the name of Rod. Thank you for pointing this presentation out as I think it adds value to the DF95 community.

Please take a look. You will not be disappointed.

Here is the link and if you are worried about using links then put "Brad Reads DF95 tips" into your search browser. Thank you Brad Read for producing this video and putting it on Sailing World.

In case you are wondering who Brad Read is see below:

Taken from Windcheck Sail the NE

A three-time J/24 World Champion who’s won titles in numerous other one-design classes, Brad Read has served as Executive Director at Sail Newport in Newport, Rhode Island for nearly a quarter century.

“Sailing on the family cruiser-racer as a young sailor allowed me to see the sport from various angles,” Brad recalls. “Gunkholing in the harbors of southeastern New England allowed our parents to teach us the proper way to anchor and raft to other boats, basic navigation, and really reinforced the lessons I was taking at the Barrington Yacht Club. The most lasting memories are some of the more intense moments, and lessons learned through adversity or even failure. I know that I’ll never tie a bowline without at least a six- or eight-inch tail after being told to tie it that way for years…the one time I didn’t, the dinghy bowline untied as we were cruising back from Edgartown to Narragansett Bay…learned a lot of new words from Dad that day!”

An All-American at Boston University, Brad was College Sailor of the Year in 1986. “I loved sailing in the heart of Boston. Practicing at BU or walking to MIT or Harvard to sail freshman regattas (New England Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association) used to have a dedicated freshman circuit which was a blast) or taking a cab to Mystic Lake to sail at Tufts was cool. The image of a sunset glimmering off the Hancock Building as we sailed in from practice is seared into my memory.”

“That was a pretty special era at BU. I met so many awesome people that have become lifelong friends (including your illustrious Publisher!). Each of our four years we were ranked in the top 5 in the country. Our Women’s, Co-ed and Team Race teams were always near the top. I had two fantastic coaches in Ron Sandstrom and Skip Whyte, and outstanding crews in Terryl King, Paul Brierre and Andy Morrell. Winning the Dinghy Nationals and being the captain of the team that won the Fowle Trophy in 1985 for the overall National Championship (the combination of the Women’s, Co-Ed Dinghies, Team Racing, Sloops and Singlehanded) still ranks as one of my top achievements in this sport.”

“After a twelve-year career as a sailmaker, I joined Sail Newport as Executive Director in 1998. Sail Newport is dedicated to making this sport accessible to anyone. We have a tremendous group of staff members that work towards the common goals outlined in our mission to provide access to sailing and our wonderful harbor and bay, and a supportive board of directors, membership base and donor base that believes in the mission.”

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