Preparation for the IOM Veterans Championship at Lincoln Radio Sailing Club

50 hardy souls are heading for Lincoln for the IOM Veterans Championship The venue is a square gravel pit, uniquely not surrounded by trees and quantly called the Whisby Quarry Silt Lagoons. We go to the most romantic of venues.

The forecast is for 12 to 20 knots of breeze from the west on Saturday and 20 to 36 knots on Sunday from the SSW so it sounds like a B rig weekend with a possibility of C rig on Sunday.

There are a mixture of designs on show from Britpop, to V8,9 and 10, a few Kantuns, ASBO, Vision, CHeinze, Sedici, Wotsit, Fractal, MX18, one Alternative, Wedge and Pikanto.

Preparation included bending on a new B rig sails to go with the new A rig sails, checking over the entire boat and updating lines if there was the tiniest signs of wear, a quick boat polish, a final pressure test to eliminate the odd leaks. Leakage is now manageable, after several races over 1.5 hours there was barely a cupful in the boat. Not perfect but much better than the past.

The Tuesday racing preparation at Frensham was successful. "A rig" conditions all day and and managed to win all bar one of the races in the morning when the wind was steadiest. My focus was on good starting, total concentration, learning minimal movement on the rudder, watching the wind and sailing the shortest possible course.

Off on Friday in the camper van so will report back with how I got on. Should be fun if only the rain would stay away. Curious to see how the Alternative design will go.

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