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Racing an IOM - What I learned over Christmas

If you leave a Christmas pud over a gas primus outside and go for a walk you end up with a disaster. We fired up the primus and went for a walk which turned out to be slightly longer than expected. On arrival back home there was an acrid smell outside the garage and on entry, we saw the saucepan was dry and the plastic bowel that we have used for years to hold the pud had melted through the colander. Ooops. Thankfully we had a spare. Now that is a good tip.

That story has nothing to do with an IOM but it is as tragic as frying the electrics on an RMG winch. If you read the story you will be pleased to know that Bill Green fixed everything. Thank you Bill. Now if only he could repair Christmas puddings.

The Blue boat is going sailing on Thursday and fingers crossed will pass to a new owner. They will never know the number of hours put in to get everything absolutely right on the boat. Building an IOM is a labour of love but the new owner will have a great hull design, a lightweight boat, the best rig and radio control. I have learnt so much that I have to build a third boat in the spring when we get to warmer weather. Having said that the forecast is for 14 degrees Centigrade for New years eve. Global warming?.......

Sailing tomorrow at Gosport in 20 plus knots of wind. May sail with C rig for the first time. Lots to learn.

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