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Racing an IOM - Yesterday morning in Gosport

I love sailing at Gosport. It is always so well organised by Paul Edwards who deservedly this year was made a lifetime member of the Club. He has made an outstanding contribution and whilst always running the racing, can always be seen helping local members tweek their boats or offering them advice on the race course.

The breeze was Easterly, straight down the lake but shifty and full of light wind traps. A day of snakes and ladders for the 15 or so boats on the water.

The results for me were good with 6 wins in 8 races and a 2 and 3, but for me the stand out highlight of the day was Edwards Warden Owen (Ex RORC CEO) sailing an IOM built by his father (Pictures below). He has been tuning up this 25ish year old boat for the last few weeks and adding a new set of Cat Sails, is proving to be surprisingly quick and was in the lead in 2 of the races. Downwind the boat was surprisingly quick. For all of you out there with old boats, tuned and sailed well, the boats will perform.

I first met him when the he won the GP14 Nationals at Llandudno in the late 1971. I think I was 15 at the time. He also won in 74 and 76. The family are all useful sailors and his brother David won the GP14 Nationals in 1970. We raced against each other in 470's campaigning for the 76 olympics. If you are interested there is a link to a good profile HERE:

I took a couple of photo's and you can see the skill of a past sailmaker and yachter because the rig setup looks lovely. If he gets his hands on a modern design, the Birkenhead team will have their work cut out to beat him.

Bearing in mind this is 25 years old or older design it is moving through the water with minimal wake and look at that rig setup.

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