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Routine Practice and new rudder

I was contemplating a rudder upgrade on the new boat as the current one has some reverse camber on its trailing edge. A friend developed one with slightly more surface area than the ones I have but very thin so I thought I would give it a go.

In my head the pro's of the design are,

Greater depth, so better downwind control at the limit of each rig and more stability sailing upwind.

The down side

Being so thin it might stall out easily and with the extra surface there might be a drag issue albeit negated by the rudder being a half or third the widths of my current ones.

So how did it work out. Racing at Emsworth yesterday, using A rig in 5-8 knots there were no issues with stalling and the boat had excellent acceleration off the start line and out of a tack. Curiously with the Alioth, I am sheeting out further but sailing higher and faster. Whether that has anything to do with the rudder I have no idea but I like to think so.

Today was a good test at the upper end of the A rig and the rudder gave me full control in all manouvres. So in conclusion after testing, I think it is a great rudder.

Whilst on the topic of development, I see on facebook, someone is now printing colour coordinated bowsies and another has 3d printed a fin using carbon impregnated filament. Probably early days for a stiff enough fin but the journey has started. Is there any end to what 3d printing tech can do.

Whilst on the subject of great products, a shout out to BG sails. I have an 2020 IOM A suit that I have sailed to death over the autumn and winter but they still maintain an amazing shape, are quick and refuse to be pensioned off. A newer version is ready for the Ranking and Nationals this year. Thank you BG Sails for outstanding quality.

This weekend will see a couple of hours of 2 boat sailing on an old gravel pit and then up to Datchet to get back in that chop on Sunday.

There will be 9 boats out on the water for 2-3 hours of great racing so if you fancy joining a competitive fleet us come down to the club. We will be there from 9am and you will be most welcome.

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