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Somedays you get lucky

Tuesday found me sailing down at Gosport, where we had a nice breeze with lots of shifts to keep us on our toes. In the first session I had some brilliant match races with David Cockerill where honours could be described as even. After four races we stopped for coffee and when I plugged the battery into the boat to start racing after the break there was no power. After looking at the xt30 connector linking the battery to the winch, I noticed the wire had parted. I guess this wire has been connected since 2015 when the boat was launched and finally decided to break just short of the soldered connector.

I was horrified to think this could have happened at the Europeans or even the ranking event last weekend so I consider myself very lucky it broke when it did. There was no way of telling the state of the wire as it was under the heat shrink protective cover. However it was easily repaired.

Next Sunday is the Guy Fawkes event at Eastbourne so hopefully all the storms will have gone through and we can have some great racing. All opportunities to practice this week have been cancelled due to the storms passing through.

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