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Thought for the day - A simplified boat set up

Here is the latest set up process for my A rig

  1. Mast in

  2. If very light and fluky weather fit a burgee

  3. Attach Jib

  4. Tension backstay slightly

  5. Check rake with rigging stick

  6. Attach shrouds and align bottle screws with the silicon markers. Light tension for light weather increasing slightly as wind increases. At no point should the leeward shroud go slack.

  7. Check that the jib leech is the right max distance from the topping lift

  8. Check the depth of the foot of the main and jib are at their starting points measured from the side of the boom

  9. Check the sheet hooks are in right place for the prevailing conditions using the mid point markers as a starting point

  10. Put boat on side and look down mast to check it is in column laterally and adjust shroud tension if not. Do this with boat on both sides.

  11. Check the mast ram inverts the bottom of the mast slightly.

  12. Pick the boat up and look up the mast and set the backstay so the mast is straight.

  13. Hold the boat by the shore and set for running down wind and adjust kicker so main leech is properly supported with slight twist.

  14. Then sheet in for upwind and adjust backstay so main and jib leech are parallel.

  15. Adjust main jackstay and main and jib Cunningham if needed

  16. Check rudder is centred by looking underneath the boat from the back.

  17. Put the boat on the water and sail upwind. If the boat sails fast without the use of the rudder and self adjusts to wind shifts, the job is done. If not adjust backstay or kicker depending on what you see.

The whole process should not take more than about 10 minutes from car to water.

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