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Thought for the Day - A wet weekend

After all the excitement of the Worlds, it is back to to the business of winter sailing and off to Eastbourne on Sunday if I can get through the rain. The weather looks atrocious but we can't complain after a summer of drought. I have even bought a new long raincoat to keep the elements off. We already had an email telling us to bring wellies as the water level is so high it is over the apron as a result of the recent rain. Judging by the forecast we will be using B rigs with the wind at a perfect angle for the lake.

In two weeks time there is the final day of the regional championships at Chipstead. This will be another fun event with lots of competition.

I am delighted to see that people are still getting value out of the website. Here are the latest viewing stats for the last month. In summary the site was viewed for 187 hours.

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