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Thought for the Day - An Award for Frensham Pond Radio Sailing Club

Today I sailed at Frensham Pond Sailing Club and who should be there but Phil Holliday, Chairman of the MYA to present an award to Frensham as the best up and coming club in open events. As yours truly was the only one travelling, I was responsible for most of the points.

In addition to seeing the award presentation, I had a long chat with Phil to talk about the current situation within the world of radio sailing in the UK. Whilst understanding the wide and varied viewpoints of all the parties, I am concerned that there isn't the clarity of a long term strategy and security of our radio classes partly driven by gaps/vacencies appearing in both the MYA and the class associations and these need to be filled. They rely on volunteers to drive these organisations for our enjoyment. It is easy to stand back and let things roll but sooner or later these gaps have to be filled. I have offered my services but only if the politics of the groups are resolved. If you have skills and the time why not get involved. It will only help our world in the long term.

One further comment, Open events are fun and you don't have to travel far to meet new people and make new friends and experience different venues which will enhance your sailing skills no end.

Now the reason for the award.


This is where you will find historic and current analysis of the MYA Radio League performance tables.

ACERSAIL the acronym for the MYA Radio Sailing League (Affiliated Clubs Encouraging Radio SAILing) was re-launched for the 2015 Season (1st November 2014 – 31st October 2015) primarily as a data gathering exercise whilst various permutations of scoring were evaluated. The scoring allocation was then agreed for the 2016 Season and beyond. John Smith of Gosport MYC is the MYA Radio League Secretary and uses his Acersail tool to produce the data.

It should not be forgotten that the key aim of the Radio League is to encourage skippers to participate in Open Events both at their home club and at Away events.

Here are the current table standings. (Remember the ranking lists present a completely different picture).

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